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What Is a Training Program?

A training program is a set of rules and strategies for performing a skill at an accelerated pace. The goal of a training program is to teach someone how to perform a skill in a specific amount of time.

Many training programs are similar in structure but there are differences in how to train, how to structure the exercises, and in how often the exercises are performed.

A typical training program might include the following steps:

Week 1 : Begin with a short warm up, 3 x 30 seconds each way, and increase intensity with the exercise as needed to achieve a goal. The key to building strength and muscle mass is by building up the motor unit, the motor unit is a group of motor units in the brain that are organized to carry out a task. Week 2 : Increase in volume by completing 30-40 repetitions in a set and increasing the exercise intensity by 3X per week. For a typical program, I would usually complete 5-10 sets of 10-20 repetitions in the set. Week 3 : After a week or two of consistent progress, a more intense program would be started and a couple of days a week (2-3 times) of strength training would be added.

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