Detoxification totally useless? Or an insider tip?

Here is what I have found. If you want to try something different and are uncertain if it works for you, read the instructions and consult with your doctor. It's a long process but worth the effort to detox for a long time.

Many people with detox diseases like alcoholism, addiction, etc. are able to get very high in a few weeks.

You might not be able to get this high as long as you are drinking, but some people can detox for months at a time. The "cure" for detox is generally more alcohol, which makes no sense if you are already sick. You might get really sick on the way to detox because of the alcohol, and you might even feel really bad for a few days afterwards. This is why detox is so often called a "recovery" in the detox community. It's a good thing to detox for at least 2-3 months, but it's important to detox for more than that. For some, detox might not be possible at all. Some people will recover with no detox, and some won't. There's a lot of information about detox available on the web, but some of it is wrong. Some people think that only alcoholics who have a history of alcoholism or addiction will detox.

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Digest It

Ahmad Bishop

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