Can You Lose Weight Using Soy Milk?

Soy milk is the most popular milk after cow’s milk. It is very popular with naturists and nutritionists as it is packed with proteins, essential fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals essential for your body to function properly.

It is a good option to drink soy milk and follow the soy milk diet which consists of drinking soy milk instead of cow’s milk if you have high blood pressure problems, high cholesterol and any condition that is related to heart problems.

Not only is it nutritious but it also helps to lose weight and you can include it in a balanced diet because its high level of protein is a natural appetite suppressant and helps to improve your metabolism and work more efficiently, making you burn more fat more quickly.

In this article we will tell you how you can add soy milk to your diet to lose weight and how soy milk has certain components that help different conditions you may be suffering. You might as well take it to avoid the diseases we’ll mention in this article.

Whether it’s to lose weight, to protect your health from different conditions or to manage the symptoms of the problems you already have, soy milk is a good idea in any situation. Don’t stop drinking it!


Not only does soy milk not have the polyunsaturated fat that cow’s milk does, but you can also have the same amount of protein by drinking soy milk as animal milk.

Even, according to some experts on the subject, soy milk is one of the most complete foods to provide the body with the protein it requires for all its functions: healthy muscles, strong tissues, and the protein that is required to maintain all the body’s systems functioning correctly.

Several studies that have been done on the subject show that drinking soy milk in addition to exercising routinely helps to lose weight and strengthen muscles.


The biggest advantage of soy milk over animal milk is that it has a much lower calorie and sugar content.

A cup of soy milk has 80 calories, while cow’s milk has many more for those proportions, even if we consider semi-skimmed milk.

In addition, soy milk has a better “calorie content”, i.e. its calories count more because it has more nutrients and more vitamins and minerals. Soy milk has half the lactose of cow’s milk.

This is good because the lactose is the sugar in the milk, sugar that corresponds to twelve grams per cup. Sugar that makes us fat and makes us hungry after a while.

You can avoid all this if you consume soy milk. At least you would be consuming half of that amount of sugar.

In addition, if you consume soy milk in order to lose weight or to help you in your diet you can avoid the water taste of skim or semi-skimmed milk and have the benefits of the fiber and rich flavor of soy milk.


The fat contained in soy milk is the type of fat that is good for you, similar to the fat in avocado, olive oil, nuts and different to the fat in animal milk, which is one hundred percent saturated fat and leads to fat deposits.

This fat in soy is good for you because it is monounsaturated fat, which prevents fat from accumulating in different parts of the body and inhibits fat that is already in the intestine from going out to other parts and absorbing cholesterol.

In addition, the soy component called phytosterol has the function of blocking fat within the body. All this means that if you include soy milk in your diet you will be less exposed to fat in general.

You can consume soy milk without skimming and you will be consuming less fat than if you consumed semi-skimmed cow’s milk.

Soy milk is also full of vitamins that help burn fat. The vitamins in soya (vitamin B12 and riboflavin) generate energy, and their function is to help improve the metabolism used to burn fat.

If you consume more of these two vitamins, your body will burn fat more efficiently and this will help you lose weight.